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How to cut through the holiday clutter and grow your customer base.

  • of US consumers use a search engine to find a local product or service.

  • of US consumers say
    digital signage captures
    their attention.

  • is how much higher the transaction rate is for emails with gift guides.

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Tips to

Tips to generate

Stand out.

Future customers are looking
for you. Optimize your website for search. Google favors websites that have good grammar and fast loading times. Double-check your site for correct spelling and make sure
you’re up to speed.

Update your details.

Chances are your holiday hours
aren’t your regular hours. Make sure your customers know this. Use Yahoo Localworks so you can make changes in just one location.

Inspire with social media.

Social’s not just for selfies.
Post attractive visuals of
gifts, food, experiences, etc.,
on Instagram and Pinterest.

Drive traffic.

Those people walking by your
store are future customers. Use digital signage to grab their attention.


Give your customers a season to remember and a reason to come back long after the holidays are over.

  • of US consumers prefer to interact in person when shopping at a small business.

  • of US consumers support a business where the owner knows their name.

  • of US consumers value customer experience for purchasing decisions.

Tips to









Tips to captivate

Get personal.

Relationships drive your business. Your customers are there because of you, and they welcome your attention and advice. The more you interact, the more service you can provide.

Play host.

Get in the spirit. Holiday snacks and the right music matter to your customers. Consider a festive digital display to entertain and inform.

Give the gift of Wi-Fi.

These days, no one likes to be offline for any length of time. A strong, consistent internet connection gives your customers a reason to stick around.

Tech up.

Now’s a great time to offer mobile point of sale checkout. Your ability to quickly and more efficiently close sales ensures customers don’t leave before buying what they came for.


Small Business Saturday® is your big day to connect, engage and grow.

  • of US consumers are aware of Small Business Saturday.

  • of US consumers make plans to holiday shop at a local business.

  • of US consumers shop after Black Friday to support their local community.

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Tips to

Tips to collaborate

Plan an event.

This is your day to shine. Go the extra mile with an engaging and memorable event that leaves a lasting impression. Partner with other small businesses in your area to maximize offerings.

Leverage logos.

Sign up with American Express® to use logos on your website, bags, social and any other collateral that will touch your audience.


Talk to other participating businesses and compare notes. Coordinate special discounts to boost foot traffic.


Now’s the time to streamline with solutions to increase sales and simplify post-holiday bookkeeping.

  • in mobile point of sale payments are expected by 2022.

  • is the current estimated value of pop-up sales in the US.

  • of US consumers plan to start shopping in November.

Tips to







Tips to innovate

Stay agile.

Holiday pop-ups are a great way to broaden your reach. With primary wireless connectivity, you can ensure smooth sales wherever you are.

Sync up.

Improve your readiness by syncing inventory to your online sales and mobile point of sale.

Check your software.

Make sure your accounting software is up to the challenge so you can simplify processes and save time.

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