The Verizon Business
Mastercard Rewards Program
Terms and Conditions

  1. By applying for and being approved for a Verizon Business Mastercard, Cardmembers agree to be automatically enrolled in the Verizon Business Mastercard Rewards Program (“Rewards Program”) and are accepting these terms and conditions (“Rewards Terms”). The Rewards Program is managed, offered and operated by Verizon. “We,” “our” and “us” means Verizon.  “Bank” means First National Bank of Omaha (“FNBO”) or its assignees.

  2. General. The Rewards Program allows you to earn rewards (referred to as “Verizon Business Dollars” or “rewards”) on eligible business purchases made with your Card. “Card” means the Verizon Business Mastercard. In these Reward Terms, “you” and “your” means the primary card holder. “Company” means the business entity whose name appears on the Card “Primary Cardmember” means the account owner in whose name the primary Card is issued. All other Cards associated with the Primary Cardmember’s account issued and activated in other eligible people’s names shall be known as “Supplemental Cards” and “Supplemental Cardmembers” or “Authorized Users” respectively.

  3. Rewards Program Enrollment and Revocation.  There is no action for you to take to enroll in the Rewards Program; you are automatically enrolled as of the date of Card activation. We or Bank may revoke your participation in the Rewards Program at any time for any reason, in which case you will be informed.

  4. Earning Verizon Business Dollars. You will earn Verizon Business Dollars for every purchase of eligible goods and/or services made by you or any Authorized User on your account, minus any returns, refunds or credit adjustments (each a “Net Purchase”). The earned amount, per transaction, will be rounded to the nearest penny. The earn rate on Net Purchases are as follows: 

    • 5% back in Verizon Business Dollars for every Net Purchase made at a Verizon operated store, Verizon online, over the phone with a Verizon representative or at an exclusive Verizon Authorized Retailer within the first credit card billing cycle after account activation.

    • 3% back in Verizon Business Dollars for every Net Purchase made at a Verizon operated store, Verizon online, over the phone with a Verizon representative or at an exclusive Verizon Authorized Retailer after the first credit card billing cycle. Verizon purchases include purchases of devices, accessories and the payment of your Verizon Wireless bill and/or Verizon Wireline bill.

    • 2% back in Verizon Business Dollars for every Net Purchase of eligible gas, electric vehicle charging, and office supplies. Gas and electric vehicle charging station purchases include eligible purchases of fuel or electric charging at gas stations, as defined herein, or electric charging stations identified as “Service Stations,” “Automated Fuel Dispensers,” and “Electric Vehicle Charging”. Gas stations do not include merchants of aviation or other non-automotive fuels. Office Supply purchases include purchases of office supplies identified as “Telecommunication Equipment and Telephone Sales,” “Special Telecom Merchants,” “Telecommunication Services,” “Computer Network/Information Services,” “Cable and Other Pay Television,” “Office and Commercial Furniture,” “Photographic, Photocopy, Microfilm Equipment and Supplies,” “Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software,” “Commercial Equipment (Not Elsewhere Classified,” “Stationery, Office Supplies, Printing, and Writing Paper,” “Computer Software Stores,” “Stationery Stores, Office and School Supply Stores,” “Advertising Services,” “Computer Maintenance and Repair Services, Not Elsewhere Classified,” and “Management, Consulting, and Public Relations Services”

    • 1% back in Verizon Business Dollars for all other eligible Net Purchases made on your credit card account everywhere else Mastercard is accepted, including any “big box” retailers such as Walmart or Best Buy that offer Verizon services.

      There is no limit on the number of Verizon Business Dollars a Cardmember may earn for any of the Purchases listed above.

      The Verizon Business Dollars “wallet” (“Rewards Wallet”) may only be associated with the account that initiated the Verizon Business Mastercard application. Both Primary and Supplemental Cardmembers and other Authorized Users, are eligible to earn Verizon Business Dollars. The sum of Verizon Business Dollars earned is based on the total of all Cardmembers’ eligible spend on the same account and may be redeemed by any Authorized Users according to these Terms regardless of Cardmember status.

      The percentage in Verizon Business Dollars earned on Net Purchases is determined by the merchant category code (“MCC”) associated with the purchase.  The MCC code is a four-digit classification code that is assigned to a merchant by the merchant’s payment card network or merchant processor based on the predominant business activity of the merchant (i.e. Gas Station, Grocery Store, etc.).  The merchant’s MCC code will determine how a particular purchase qualifies to receive the percentage in Verizon Business Dollars. For example, a dining purchase at the café area of a department store may have an MCC identification as a type of merchant other than a dining establishment and therefore would not qualify as a dining purchase under these Reward Terms.  Similarly, grocery purchases at Walmart, Target or other “big box” retailers may not qualify as grocery purchases.  Neither Verizon, nor Bank assigns or has responsibility for the assignment of MCCs or evaluates what MCC should be assigned to a particular merchant.  Bank reserves the right to determine, from time to time, which MCCs qualify for a particular category of purchases. Verizon and Bank are not responsible for awarding Verizon Business Dollars for purchases at merchants who do not accurately report transactions using the MCC codes described above.

      Verizon Business Dollars are not earned on the following: unauthorized or fraudulent charges, the purchase of debt cancellation products, cash advances, balance transfers, interest or fees on your credit card account.

  5. Other Sources of Verizon Business Dollars. From time to time, Verizon may extend one or more promotions in association with which Cardmembers may earn additional Verizon Business Dollars on qualifying spend or in exchange for taking other qualifying actions related to Card membership. Any such promotions shall be subject to their respective special terms unless the special terms conflict contradict these Rewards Terms. In that case, these Rewards Terms shall apply.  

  6. Accessing Verizon Business Dollars. Earned Verizon Business Dollars will be stored in a Rewards Wallet that can only be accessed through the Verizon My Business online account management platform (including the My Business mobile app) and only by Verizon Wireless Business Account Administrator (“Administrator”) or other designated point of contact. Administrators or authorized points of contact do not need to hold a Card in their name to access Verizon Business Dollars.

    If an Administrator or other point of contact’s Verizon Wireless account access role changes within the company, that person’s access to the Rewards Wallet may be affected, even if that person holds a Card.

    Accrued Verizon Business Dollars will be deposited into your Rewards Wallet within 1-2 Card billing cycles. 

  7. Redeeming Verizon Business Dollars. According to Verizon Wireless Account Access Roles, Administrators or other authorized individuals may redeem Verizon Business Dollars even if they aren’t Cardmembers. Once Verizon Business Dollars are redeemed, the balance of Verizon Business Dollars will be reduced by the number of Verizon Business Dollars redeemed and removed from the Rewards Wallet.

    Verizon Business Dollars may be redeemed at a Verizon operated store, online at or over the phone with a Verizon representative toward one or more of the following:

    • The payment of Verizon Business Wireless bill.

    • The purchase of a device for business, including toward the down payment or buyout of a device business payment agreement.

    • The payment of a remaining balance on a device business payment agreement for a wireless device eligible for an annual upgrade.

    • The purchase of an accessory for business use.

      Verizon Business Dollars may not be redeemed at third-party Verizon authorized retailers at this time.

      Verizon Business Dollars have no cash value and are issued for reward purposes only and cannot be purchased, sold, transferred, redeemed for cash or Verizon gift cards, or used for security deposits for Verizon Wireless or Verizon Wireline account services. 

  8. Verizon Business Dollar Reimbursement. Verizon Business Dollars redeemed toward a purchase that is later returned or exchanged will be reimbursed in the form of Verizon Business Dollars provided there is a Verizon Business Mastercard Rewards Wallet associated with the Verizon Business Wireless account.  If no Verizon Business Dollar Rewards Wallet exists due to Verizon Wireless Business account closure, or the closure of the Verizon Business Mastercard, the Verizon Business Dollars will be forfeited.

  9. Forfeiting Verizon Business Dollars. Verizon Business Dollars earned on the Card account or awarded through other promotions or incentives are subject to the following forfeiture rules:

    • Credit Card Closure. If, as a result of Verizon Business Mastercard account closure(s), there are no Verizon Business Mastercard account(s) associated with your Verizon Wireless Business account, your Verizon Business Dollars will remain active for ninety (90) consecutive calendar days. This time period begins when the last credit card account associated with the Verizon Wireless Business account is closed.

      During these 90 days after credit card closure, you will have the ability to redeem remaining Verizon Business Dollars. Any unused Verizon Business Dollars or portions thereof will be forfeited after this ninety (90) day period. 

    • Verizon Wireless Business Account Cancellation. Upon cancellation of all Verizon Business Wireless services associated with a singular billing account, your Verizon Business Dollars may be forfeited when the Verizon Wireless account reaches final closure.

      Changing the Verizon Wireless Account Owner associated with your Verizon Wireless Business account, including transferring your service to another owner, is considered a cancellation of Verizon Business Wireless services by the current owner.  In this event, your Verizon Business Dollars may be immediately forfeited.

    • Verizon Wireless Business Account Changes. If you move the Verizon Wireless Business line of service associated with your credit card account to a new or different Verizon Wireless account, your Verizon Business Dollars balance will remain with the original Verizon Business Wireless account.  Any new Verizon Wireless Business account that is created as a result of a move of a line is considered a new Verizon Wireless Business account and is no longer associated with any existing Verizon Business Mastercard account. Provided this account meets eligibility criteria for the Verizon Business Mastercard, an Administrator may apply for the Verizon Business Mastercard (subject to Bank approval), and will be independent of any other Verizon Wireless Business Accounts associated with other Verizon Business Mastercards.

      You will not be entitled to nor receive any compensation from us or the Bank for any forfeited Verizon Business Dollars. 

  10. Reward Program Changes or Discontinuance. We may at any time and for any reason change, limit or terminate any aspect of the Rewards Program or these Reward Terms. Changes may apply retroactively and may affect outstanding transactions and earned or pending Verizon Business Dollars. Any other rewards or loyalty program is solely governed by the terms of that program unless stated otherwise above.

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